Run Track

As with all SYtri sessions the coaching team is made up of  BTF qualified coaches, who continue to develop and deliver quality sessions for all abilities.

Returning to Training during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We plan to restart Run Track soon. Sessions will be different to pre-lockdown as they've been adapted to meet the safety guidelines of BTF and London Road Sports Centre.

Junior track will be reviewed once adult track is up and running as sessions for under 18's need more planning.

Initially there will be a maximum of 10 runners per session plus 2 coaches. Runners will be split into 2 groups depending on ability, with one coach overseeing each group.

You'll be able to book your place via the Club's website where you'll be asked to complete a disclaimer and BTF health assessment. You must ensure you bring a copy of these to the session - this is a BTF requirement.

To avoid handling cash there will be no charge for Run Track sessions for the first month.

Currently the Sports Centre changing and toilet facilities are closed.


This ones easy just yourself and your running kit, a drink is also a good idea.
No running spikes.


Arrive just before 6pm to register and hand in your completed forms (see above). We meet in the car park between the athletics track and football fields, you will find one of the coaches taking the session waiting next to their car with the register.



Session starts at 6pm every Thursday. Arrive just before 6 to get your self registered and hand in your completed forms (see above), once registered you will have approximately 10 minutes to get yourself warmed up for some coached drills and the main session.
The main session is made up of timed efforts with some recovery time in between, we would normally concentrate on 10 and 5K pace, with a few faster efforts from time to time.
Once the main session is complete you will have some time to warm down and be led through a stretch routine.