Group Social Rides

Group Social Rides

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Subject to Government and British Triathlon regulations allowing club group rides to resume, whenever and in what form that may be:-

We are pleased to offer to our members free no-drop group rides. An opportunity to meet up socially with fellow club members - these are not coached sessions and are run by Ride Leaders. Juniors - 15 to 18 years - are very welcome, but need to check first with their coach. Due to safeguarding issues, riders under 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian (who must also be a club member) throughout the ride.

All riders ride at their own risk. There is a strict policy of no helmet, no ride.

We will try to cater as much as we can for the different range of riders within the club. Each ride will be individually advertised with course details, distance and speed by the individual ride leader on email and facebook.

The membership of our club varies from people who perhaps do not ride on a regular basis right up to those riding Ironman distances, so a wide bandwidth to cover. Likewise, the ride leaders have different abilities and preferences - please see our profiles below. We will aim to put at least one ride out each week from March to October, varying the type of ride to suit different abilities. We will also offer rides in the colder seasons on a less regular basis.

The importance of the social and safety side of a group ride should never be undervalued. For those getting back into cycling the rides should be seen as a way of building up confidence/safe riding skills. For those wanting a more challenging ride, we will hopefully have some rides that meet that challenge. For some of us it is all about the cake!

As all riders ride at their own risk, it may be worthwhile considering British Tri membership which gives 3rd party liability, legal costs and life changing injury cover. For more cover e.g. personal injury, bike damage etc a commercial insurance company such as Bikmo (who offer a 10% discount to club members) could be considered.

The ride protocols provided by British Triathlon also give guidance on pre-ride bike checks, Highway Code links etc. It is important that you spend time reading these documents before joining a ride. The pre-ride safety check means that avoidable issues don't cause a problem on the day.

Let us take the opportunity to introduce the ride leaders.

Jo Pike 1 

Jo Pike. "So, how did I end up climbing the iconic Alpe d'huez??? By building my cycling endurance, which all started with SYtri group rides.

When I first joined SYtri I was on a hybrid, fairly new to cycling and mainly bringing up the rear of the group. But with perseverance (and upgrading to a road bike), the group rides empowered me to build my cycling confidence and ability, supporting my progress from local sprint distance triathlons up to Ironman 70.3.

It has always been a priority for me as an SYtri ride leader, to offer our club members the opportunity to progress their cycling confidence and ability. the rides I tend to lead can vary in terms of distance and difficulty, from 30km undulating and relaxed pace routes to 60/70km hilly routes. And I feel giving members the opportunity of going for a coffee at the end of the ride is vital, being a valuable resource for club members to learn hints and tips off each other, as well as about other club sessions and event opportunities within the area.

So, whether you are new to cycling, or looking for company on a ride, why don't you come along as you never know where the journey may take you.



Adrian Cooper 2 

Adrian Cooper. "When I was younger I used to ride a lot with my family in the UK and abroad, and I really only got back into cycling about 4 years ago and realised how much I missed it. As a rider, I'm not particularly fast but love the challenge of a hill, knowing that a downhill usually follows. I guess my rides are more suited to people relatively new to cycling, to improve use of gears, hills, braking, however anyone is welcome as it's also an opportunity to socialise and maybe pick up some cycling tips. As the group rides are about being social, I like to include a coffee and cake stop towards the end. Both essential I think and another great way to socialise and meet fellow club members.



Jason King 1 

Jason King. "Cycling is my favourite discipline ….. in fact I haven't really done that many triathlons! For me it is the fact that I can spend a day on the bike and see so much of this land. I love to push myself, usually by finding the biggest and steepest mountains and then cycling up them.

As a ride leader I aim to encourage us to work as a team and push ourselves a little, but also have some fun. Invariably there will be a hill or a few efforts, but we will always regroup. At the end of the ride I would like everyone to feel a sense of achievement and enjoyment.

Coffee and cake is a vital part of cycling and will always feature on my rides.

I look forward to seeing you at a ride soon!



Sam Jones 1 

Sam Jones. "My background in triathlon and cycling only started a few years ago. I used to play a lot of football when I was growing up, then I got into running in my early 20's. The running progressed from 5k to marathon distance over a few years although after that I decided I needed a new challenge. That is where my love for triathlon started.

For my first event I trained by myself for the Shrewsbury sprint triathlon. This helped me to dip my toe into the sport and I fell in love as soon as  crossed the finish line. The mixture of the disciplines really helped me to keep focused, as every day was different. This is also when I fell back in love with cycling.

I had cycled through my childhood but had not been on a bike for at least 10 years. I really enjoy the freedom that cycling gives you and it now has to be my favourite discipline. The love of this sport has now taken me to complete four 70.3 race distance races and countless other triathlons.

As a ride leader, I hope to help others to get into this sport and enjoy the discipline of cycling. I try to organise different rides so that all members are catered for. Some weeks will be more relaxed while others may be more structured but for all rides, the social element is key. No rider will ever be left behind and it is always a great way to meet new people.



Denise Chamberlain 1 

Denise Chamberlain. "Having taken part in many group rides over the years, I feel it has boosted my confidence and ability, to the point where I completed the 100 mile Ride London with a respectable ride time of 6hrs 30mins.

I would prefer to take out more relaxed social paced, shorter rides of approximately 15-25 miles. Stopping for coffee and cake being an important part of any weekend ride!



Richard Chamberlain 1 

Richard Chamberlain. "Having spent a couple of years going on regular Sunday club rides, I found it a very valuable way of meeting fellow club members in a friendly, sociable atmosphere.

I feel that training paced rides have their place but I'm much happier with a social paced ride. My preference is for rides with as many hills as I can fit in, with any distance from 20m/32km to 50+m/80+km (when fit).

My proudest achievement in sport besides completing Outlaw long distance was being mistaken for a male model when on a cycling holiday in Mallorca! My lowest point was being overtaken in same said Outlaw by a bloke on a BMX bike on a hill.



Eric Hanna 2

Eric Hanna. "I've had a love for outdoor activities for most of my adult life, but only got into cycling proper in the last 10 years. As a rider I'm a plodder but reasonably good (in my opinion) on the hills and love the downs so love hilly rides. However, in my book, any riding is good. My riding benefitted from coached track sessions at Sundorne, teaching balance, using gears properly, braking and group disciplines and most of all having fun.

As a ride leader I want to encourage fellow riders to get out there regardless of abilities and strength and to enjoy riding safely. So my lead rides will be a mixture from relatively relaxed to more challenging. I'm also a great believer in the importance of the social side of the ride, so coffee (or tea) and cake are essential.

I am also the point of contact for the ride leaders.